Time Advice Funding Series, Part Two

How many loans are you dealing with?

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A case study: 'Michael'

A home loan. A personal loan. A credit card. Multiple loans with multiple lenders. A demanding and confusing repayment schedule. Hiking interest rates.

What's worse, Michael had a family that relied on him. No wonder he was feeling the pressure... But a single decision made a big impact.

By engaging Time Advice Funding, Michael’s situation changed in three major ways...

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1. His three loans became one – one repayment with one interest rate. We were able to give him a seriously competitive rate that helped him get up to speed and save him real money. So much that he was able to buy a new car with the interest saved.

2. He got back the time he’d spent on admin – giving it instead to the things that really mattered to him. Your finances are important, but they’re nothing if they don’t support the life you want to lead.

3. He gained a trusted debt advisor who continues to work with him to ensure that his finances are structured to meet his ongoing lifestyle requirements.

Michael now has one loan repayment a month.
He's no longer just treading water. He's now making strides towards the future he and his family had wished for.

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Are you struggling with multiple loans?
Do you really know how many options are available to you?

You should never feel swamped because you don’t have to be! Get the advice that lets you sleep better at night.

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