Time Advice Funding Series, Part Three

How will your kids afford their first home?

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We've all heard it. The housing market isn't letting Gen Y in. The right advice, however, can unlock that door.

Presenting the case of Lauren – fresh out of uni and working an internship.

Find out how Time Advice Funding helped her afford her first home before most of her peers had even moved out.

Without her parents paying for it...

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Lauren had just completed her degree. She was completing an internship. She didn’t have much in terms of savings. She didn’t fit the typical profile of a property investor. Normally, she wouldn’t have been able to get a home loan – she didn’t quite have the money for a deposit.

But Lauren wanted to get ahead. She wanted to buy her first property – initially for investment purposes and then, down the line a few years, to live in.

So what did she do?

She sought advice. You and your kids can, too.

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Time Advice goes where the banks won’t.

We put in the effort to find you a loan that delivers on your dream.

Lauren used a Family Guarantee that allowed her parents to provide a limited amount of available equity in their home to assist Lauren’s application and reduce the Loan to Valuation Ratio. Effectively, Lauren could borrow 93% of the property’s value, however, avoided having to pay for expensive Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance. 

Without this structure, Lauren would have been stuck – unable to buy the house she wanted.

You don’t have to buy your kids a house. There is a better way – connect your kids with the right advice.

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A complimentary one-on-one

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