Time Advice Funding Series, Part One

Don't Let Your Family Down

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A case study: 'James'

James had the discouraging experience of being rejected for a home loan.
Not just once, but multiple times. 

What's worse, his growing family was relying on that loan. Their current home couldn't accommodate them any longer and they were in trouble.

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"Big banks and their computers don't care about your individual story or circumstances."

Being rejected isn't the end of the story. There are other options, but James couldn't access them on his own.

Engaging Time Advice Funding did two things for James:

1. The first was to give him a trusted advocate with his family's best interests at heart. Time Advice Funding was able to take a holistic look at his family's situation and assess the best path forward from there – in terms of their lifestyle needs and individual goals. 

2. And the second was a gateway to a network of lenders: over 25 banks and an even greater range of private funders. This allowed his credit misdemeanour to be given the weight it deserved – it should never have prevented James getting a loan in the first place.  

James and his family are now living in their new home, paying off their loan at a comfortable rate

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Do you really understand all of your options?

Don't wait to be rejected before you explore them.

It shouldn't be you versus a bank, or you versus a loan. 
We're sick of seeing people risking their lifestyles for the loans they need. 
Get someone on your side – don't be bullied into an arrangement that doesn't let you and your family grow.

Our offer

A 'one-on-one' with the Head of Time Advice Funding – Nick Wartman – no obligation, no strings attached. 

Look at when he's available here. See how his calendar matches up with yours.

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