Insights Edition 61, Winter 2017 - Article Three

Market Update
An economic update from Colonial First State Global Asset Management.

What have been the major economic events in the last couple of months?

    The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Board met on 2 May and left the official cash rate on hold at 1.5%.

    Q1 2017 inflation data was released,…
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Time Advice Funding Series, Part Three

How will your kids afford their first home?

A young woman with dark hair. Her face is half obscured by a white wall.

We've all heard it. The housing market isn't letting Gen Y in. The right advice, however, can unlock that door.

Presenting the case of Lauren – fresh out of uni and working an internship.

Find out how Time Advice Funding helped her afford her first home before most of her peers had even moved out.


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Time Advice Funding Series, Part Two

How many loans are you dealing with?

A messy desk with a teddy bear sitting on the desk chair.

A case study: 'Michael'

A home loan. A personal loan. A credit card. Multiple loans with multiple lenders. A demanding and confusing repayment schedule. Hiking interest rates.

What's worse, Michael had a family that relied on him. No wonder he was feeling the pressure... But a single decision made a big impact.

By engaging Time…

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Time Advice Funding Series, Part One

Don't Let Your Family Down

A sepia image with a young boy in the foreground and a pier in the background.

A case study: 'James'

James had the discouraging experience of being rejected for a home loan.
Not just once, but multiple times. 

What's worse, his growing family was relying on that loan. Their current home couldn't accommodate them any longer and they were in trouble.

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Billionaires – The Youngest Top 10 And How They Got There

Feb 23, 2016

When I was really young, it was tough to comprehend that anyone could be worth a million dollars.

In 2016, a billion dollars is the equivalent benchmark.
To reach that billionaire mark AND to be young is an incredible achievement, especially if you are self-made.

The young billionaires in the list below have changed the business landscape, employed thousands of people, made…

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