Insights Edition 62, Spring 2017 - Article One


Spring is boom-time for real estate, with a market surge after the quieter winter months. So if you’re planning to buy a home this season you should have plenty of options to choose from – if you know what you’re looking for.

Buying your dream house
  • Starting out

If you’re a first home buyer looking to enter the property market, price will likely be the main consideration in your choice of home. So you may need to steer clear of expensive inner-city locations in favour of suburbs or regional centres.

But as your first property is likely to be a long-term investment, you’ll want to make…

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Insights Edition 62, Spring 2017 - Article Two


Wondering about the best way to ease into your retirement years? A transition-to-retirement strategy may be the answer, but it’s important to know that the rules have recently changed. Here’s the lowdown.

Smooth Transition to Retirement

These days, there are all sorts of pathways to retirement. As more Australians choose to wind down gradually from their careers, it’s becoming increasingly common to move to part-time hours before leaving the workforce altogether. Other pre‑retirees prefer to use their last few years of earning a regular income as an opportunity to give their nest egg a final boost.

Since 2005, Australians…

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Insights Edition 62, Spring 2017 - Article Three


Nicolette Rubinsztein has built her career as a senior financial services executive and nonexecutive director – all while working part time and caring for three young daughters. She shares her seven strategies for balancing a successful career and parenthood.

7 strategies to find your flex
Nicolette used her corporate…

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Insights Edition 61, Winter 2017 - Article One

Understanding Your Super and Pension Statements 

We’re not all financial experts, but sometimes it feels like we’re expected to be – especially when each super or pension statement arrives.

Couple trying to decipher the statements

So if you’d like to understand yours better, here’s how to make sense of all the finance-speak.


Here’s a breakdown of what your statement may look like if you’re in a typical accumulation-style super fund. But if your super is set up differently – for example, if your money is in a defined-benefits scheme or a wrap…

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Insights Edition 61, Winter 2017 - Article Two

Your Financial Year Checklist

Who doesn’t love the end of the financial year? Okay, so maybe sorting through a shoebox full of receipts isn’t your idea of fun, but don’t worry. With our handy checklist, you can take some of The headache out of tax time. You might even find ways to give your finances a boost.

Older couple trying to decide

The end of financial year has a way of creeping up and catching us unprepared. But this time you can be ready, with a to-do list of tasks that you can tick off as you go.

And if you’re a business owner, we’ve also got some useful tips to help you manage your financial obligations and plan for the year ahead.

So here’s our checklist to start you on your way.

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